Owl From Harry Potter Now Lives In Horrendous Conditions [Watch]

An undercover investigation has revealed that a number of animals used in popular series, such as "Harry Potter" and "Game of Thrones," live in unsanitary and cramped conditions.

Credit: YouTube / PETA

On screen, an owl named Crash added magic to the popular ?Harry Potter? series. In real life, however, she lives a far less glamorous life.

According to an undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Crash, along with dozens of other animals from the show ?Game of Thrones? and the movie series ?Pirates of the Caribbean,? live?a less-than-ideal life in captivity.?Crash, for example, was discovered in an enclosure where the floor was allegedly littered with six weeks? worth of feces.

The animal rights organization (that has been known to both stretch the truth and convey accurate findings) also reported that three pigs that appeared in the movie ?College Road Trip? were emaciated. One also appeared to suffer from bloody wounds on her side.

Wildlife used in the movie industry are often ?rented? out by Birds & Animals Unlimited (BAU), a leading animal talent supplier, reports The Dodo. An employee that once worked with the agency told PETA that it wasn?t uncommon for animals to be denied food, live in small cages, and rarely receive veterinary care. According to the eyewitness, animals have died of untreated conditions on the BAU?s watch because not a single veterinarian stepped foot on the premise for an entire month once.

This reality has prompted a number of animal rights activists to declare that it?s unethical to use any animals in the show business. Commented Lisa Lange, senior vice president at PEA:

“Animals used for film and television have been neglected, left hungry and treated like disposable props. The only way to ensure that a production is humane is to keep it animal-free.?

PETA has now filed a complaint with the USDA. Watch the controversial footage below:

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