Ordinary Women Re-Create The Victoria Secret Fashion Show To Promote Body Positivity

None of these women are 'typical' models, but that didn't stop them from rocking the runway...

Credit: BuzzFeed

Credit: BuzzFeed

While the models who are featured in the Victoria Secret Fashion show are gorgeous, there’s no denying the fact that they’re also genetically blessed to be able to attain such a figure. It’s this overlooked fact that adversely affects millions of women around the globe.

According to findings, less than 5% of the U.S. population was born with the genetics to meet what society commonly promotes to be ‘ideal’ in accordance to beauty. Yet, slim female models – with nearly stick-thin-looking figures and flawless skin – are what is plastered all over billboards and featured on the covers of glossy magazines. In result, women are constantly bombarded with impossible-to-attain standards of beauty. Some try to whittle away their waists through calorie restriction, over-exercising, and purging, but these methods are harmful and contribute to a worsening of depression.

Because it’s time a new narrative is formed in the modeling and fashion industries, brave women with BuzzFeed decided to re-create the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. All have a unique type of body, and it’s safe to say that most of them do not represent what a typical model looks like. However, each is beautiful in their own way and absolutely rocked the show.

Credit: BuzzFeed

Credit: BuzzFeed

The footage follows the women as they face their insecurities and decided to represent the majority of the population which is a size 12 or bigger. Most relay that they feel either too short, too heavy, or too ‘imperfect’ to be a model, but that they’re looking forward to the opportunity to ‘own’ who they are.

In front of their colleagues and friends, the women walk the runway in nothing but makeup and underwear. It’s a sight to behold, as it challenges the viewer to also contemplate the ways they’ve been conditioned by society to see themselves and others. Watch the project unfold below: 

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