Opposing Protest Groups In Dallas Recognize Same Goals, Hug It Out [Watch]

A potentially tense situation ended in hugs after black and white protesters realized they share similar goals.

Credit: CNN

Credit: CNN

Racial tension is high in the U.S. due to the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Since the two African-American men were killed in seemingly unjust circumstances, protests have sprung up around the nation.

Unfortunately, not all of the protests have been non-violent. Last Thursday, five policemen were killed in Dallas, Texas, when a former military veteran began firing at law enforcement workers.

In the wake of all the tragedy, people of various backgrounds and beliefs have continued to gather in the streets to urge the government – and the American people – to adopt change. Thankfully, solidarity between peoples of various backgrounds and beliefs has been the result in multiple circumstances.

CNN reports that over the weekend, a rally in Dallas resulted in Black Lives matter protestors meeting up with white counter protestors wearing cowboy hats and flying Texas flags.

At first, a representative from each group met in the middle of the street. TV camera crews captured the two individuals shaking hands and chatting a little. Then, the black group decided to cross the street to join forces.

After a greeting of “How y’all doing?”, the two sides began hugging. Clearly, it was understood that change will not result from fear-based reaction, but out of mutual respect and united efforts.

GoodNewsNetwork relays that at one point, a black lives protester can be heard yelling, “This is how you kick down a wall!” Later, he was so moved by the scene that he broke down in tears.

Before dispersing, the group gathered in a huddle and prayed together for the city. A police officer assigned to keep the peace even joined in.

You can watch the poignant scene above, courtesy of CNN.

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