Once This School Eliminated Homework, Its Students’ Scores Increased Dramatically!

Once this school flipped the "traditional" education model on its head, students scores began to dramatically improve.

In 2010, Clintondale High School in Clinton, Michigan ranked lowest academically of all schools in the Unites States. During this time, 50% of the 9th grade class was failing, and drop-out rates were increasing at a sobering rate.

Due to such conditions, principal Greg Green knew another method of reaching out and educating students needed to be implemented.

Credit: Knewton

Credit: Knewton

“We were desperate for change,” said Green. And, he suggests, change has come.

Now the entire school operates on the “flipped classroom”” model, which requires students to watch lessons online at home and complete homework during the school day when they can receive help from their teachers, according to PBS. 

It’s a method which has literally ‘flipped’ the traditional school education system on its head… but it seems to be working!

According to principal Green, the results have been extremely successful. See the phenomenal impact the “flipped classroom” model is making in the video that follows:


Greg Green recognizes that the flipped classroom might not work for everyone, but he’s pleased it’s now firmly in place at Clintondale.

“We feel we’ve perhaps figured out the structure of the way schools should be set up,” Green said. “And we’re trying to make it an ideal situation for both the learners and the teachers.”


Could “flipping the classroom” be the best solution for other failing schools in the U.S.? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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