Oldest Living Military Vet Turns 110, Reveals Secrets To His Longevity [Watch]

Chain-smoking cigars, including a splash of whiskey in his morning coffee, and enjoying plenty of ice cream are but a few habits this veteran claims keep him young.

Credit: NBC News

There are a few guaranteed tactics to live a longer life, namely giving up cigarettes, eating more fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of sleep, and even thinking positive thoughts, but for some people, certain vices are deemed to be the ‘secret’ to their longevity.

Take Richard Overton, for instance. The oldest surviving United States military veteran credits a few habits some might look down upon as actually being the reason he’s so old. In October of 2016, the veteran turned 110 and to this day, he credits cigars, whiskey, and guns for keeping him ‘young’.

NBC News reports that the Austin, Texas, resident fought in the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion in World War II, and later, as a corporal in Hawaii, Guam and Iwo Jima. He told the press:

“I feel good. A little old, but I’m getting around like everybody else.”

Overton admits to chain-smoking cigars, insists on including a splash of whiskey in his morning coffee, and enjoys a steady diet of fried catfish and butter pecan ice cream. It’s important to note that he is an exception to the rule. Still, his advice for others is interesting, nonetheless.

In the years since he served in the Army, the veteran has outlived two wives, received numerous honors, and even met President Barack Obama once. Overton dined at the White House when he turned 107.

A year later, at 108-years-old, Overton told TODAY that he planned on living for a long time. During the interview, he said:

“I don’t think about (dying). You can’t do anything about that. It’s going to come, whether you want it or not. I just think about living.”

Because stress underlies all modern illness, it does make sense that the gentleman’s care-free attitude about food and life serves him well. If everyone is guaranteed to die, why not make the most of life?  Please comment your thoughts below and share this news!

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