NYPD Sergeant Sentenced To Just 3 Years Prison For Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

He was only sentenced to prison for one year per each encounter.

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People are reeling after news of former NYPD Sergeant Vladimir Krull being sentenced to only 3 years in prison for repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl. Krull was found guilty in January of this year and awaited sentencing for just over a month, during which time he?sent a request to the judge asking for no jail time.

Krull reportedly began an inappropriate affair with a 13-year-old girl, who was the daughter of his then-girlfriend, in September of 2013. It started with a kiss on the mouth, but slowly escalated to much more. The girl reported that she and Krull had sexual intercourse on two separate occasions, once in her house and once in his car, and that Krull had forced her to perform oral sex on him in his car after attending a “Father/Daughter Breakfast” for her eighth grade class. These events continued into 2014.

The 12-year-veteran on the force was found guilty of?eight criminal counts for the three encounters, for which he was given only three years in prison despite requests for a stricter sentence from the prosecution. The Bronx District Attorney?s office had stated that Krull should be given five years for each act, a total of 15 years, for his crimes. Despite the lenient sentence, Krull maintains his innocence and intends to file an appeal.

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As for the girl, she is 16 years old now and, understandably, having a rough time dealing with the entire situation. She said,

?I used to feel like I had endless options. Now I feel limited.?

?The abuse has also been hard on my relationship with my mom,? she said, crying. ?I still struggle with the feeling that I betrayed her, and I feel guilty sometimes.?

Her mother has said that she has lost trust in everyone, “especially myself.”

Krull is certainly not the only officer from the NYPD to be convicted of rape, and in the year 2015 he was already the third officer that year to be charged with rape of?a minor.

His attorney has pointed out that the case was built strictly on what the victim said and that there was no physical evidence, including text messages, to back the claims made by the victim. In one statement, she even recalled that he had an apple-sized heart tattoo with a ribbon around it, which turned out to be false. Whether this will help Krull in his appeal remains to be seen, but regardless, only three years of prison and five years of probation for a convicted rapist is a staunchly light sentence.

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