Not An Ordinary Officer: This Police Man Sits And Talks With Street People

This police officer believes it's part of his job to get to know people in the area and help them solve their problems.


Police brutality is a concerning issue, but so is the fact that bias exists on the internet and in the media about how all law enforcement workers behave.

Granted, some officers have abused their power and done horrific things, but there are plenty of good men and women of the law who seek to help through their service. Const. Shawn Currie is one of them.

In fact, the world was only made aware of the compassionate officer’s actions after a passerby named Bruno Baurin snapped a photo of him sitting on the street whilst in conversation with a homeless individual.

He called it “Totally awesome” when he saw the Halifax Regional Police officer sitting on the sidewalk in conversation during a busy day.

“It was nice, they were at the same level,” he told CBC’s Maritime Noon.

Currie was notified about the picture after his wife saw it online and showed it to him. When the press caught up with the officer, he explained:

“We were just talking about what’s going on in his life right now. I’ve known him for nine years.”

Reportedly, conversations like that are a normal part of his job.

According to the officer, the homeless man plays the violin for spare change on Spring Garden road almost every day. He befriends people like the anonymous man because it’s part of his job to get to know people in the area and help them solve their problems, he says.

Baurin compared this good news with how police are commonly portrayed in the media:

“We tend to hear, on a daily basis, a lot of negativity in life—but then you see something that strikes you in the moment. It makes people have a conversation and it might turn into something.”

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