Newsweek Declares Clinton President Days Before Election, Says It Was A ‘Business Decision’

Was Donald Trump right? Is the election rigged?

Credit: Newsweek / Twitter

Credit: Newsweek / Twitter

As early as last Saturday, a Newsweek special edition depicting Hillary Clinton as the new President of the United States began circulating to media outlets and bookstores. The questionable cover was leaked by a Twitter user who reportedly works at a bookstore. The image of Hillary Clinton dubbed Commander-in-Chief reads:

“I work at a bookstore and we typically get magazines early and lookie what we got here.” 

Shortly after the bookstore employee posted the photo of the special edition Newsweek featuring Hillary Clinton as “Madam President,” she was chastized for  “fueling Trumpists’ hysteria about “rigged” #Election2016″ by Luke Costin, and subsequently deleted her account.


That leaked photo, however, has had the internet up in arms with Republicans and Democrats alike debating whether or not the election is rigged. Donald Trump’s previous statements that democracy may not exist if he loses the election have resulted in an impressive percentage of the country questioning the validity of the system. Trump supporters have promised to incite violence if the business tycoon loses out on holding the highest office, and Clinton supporters have promised to leave the U.S. if her opponent wins. The circulating Newsweek image has done little to cool tensions between advocates of both primary candidates. However, is there any truth to the claim that the election is rigged and that Clinton was determined months ago to be the next POTUS?

On Monday afternoon, CNN sought to end all skepticism when it asked Newsweek Editor Jim Impoco to explain the cover flap. He responded with a simple image: a picture of the President Trump version on the cover.

Credit: Newsweek

Credit: Newsweek

CNN explained:

“this is the media version of World Series keepsakes that were on sale in Cleveland and Chicago last week. Street vendors printed “Cubs win” and “Indians win” T-shirts, then trashed the Indians shirts after the Cubs won Game 7.”

In that instance, two sets of shirts were created to prepare for either team winning. In the case of the commemorative Newsweek cover, two versions were made before the election to prepare for either a Clinton or Trump Presidency. Reportedly, the company Topix chose to just print one version: the one featuring the former Secretary of State.

The choice, according to CNN, was a “business decision”. Tony Romando of Topix Media explained:

“As is customary in the collectible consumer goods community. This was a business decision. Not a political decision. Topix made a business decision to only print the Clinton version ahead of time given that she is almost universally favored to win the election on Tuesday.”

Romando added that in the case that Trump is elected as President of the United States, the version featuring him will be rush-printed and delivered to stores. He said:

“Two separate teams have worked to create two special editions tailored to the specific stories surrounding each candidate.” 

“Unlike hard news magazines, commemorative editions for sporting events, elections and unfortunately deaths are created weeks, months, and even years in advance. The largest publishers in America have dozens of tributes ready to print at plants across the country,” he added.

In summary, the leaked Newsweek cover featuring Hillary Clinton as “Madam President” can only be used as evidence of a biased system, rather than a “rigged’ one.

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