New Zealand – This is the Crap Kiwi’s Have to Endure

This is the sort of crap Kiwi’s have to deal with in their own backyard. If you’re in North Island, Hawkes Bay, then head over to Hastings/Napier and ask the locals about Te Mata Peak… they’ll undoubtedly bust out their phones and show you this visual pollution.

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At the foot of the rolling hillside resides a growing Redwood forest… they say they were imported and planted in the 1920’s… The More You Know

Get a job you lazy sheep.

Obligatory hikers “On top of the world” staring out to yonder pic…

Road Block! How ever will we get through this army of cuteness

400m drop-off point. Great place to test your wings. Just make sure you have an actual wing device attached.

We were inundated by these menacing beasts throughout the trail. It was a hard day of hiking

Stop it NZ, just stop it!

It’s NZ… I expected nothing less.

Okay buddy, any more of that stuff and I’m gonna have to take you home


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