New Urban Algae Invention Produces As Much Oxygen As A Small Forest!

This amazing canopy melds nature and technology into something awesome!

EcoLogicStudio in London has designed an Urban Algae Canopy, which?produces the same amount of oxygen?daily as a forest of 40,000 square meters. This cutting-edge technology was unveiled this week?at?Expo Milano 2015 Future Food District.?The prototype is the world?s first bio-digital canopy, integrating micro-algal cultures and real time digital cultivation protocols within a?unique architectural cladding system.

Once completed, the Urban Algae Canopy will produce the oxygen equivalent of four hectares of woodland and up to 150kg of biomass per day, 60% of which are natural vegetal proteins. Designers say: “In EcoLogicStudio we believe that it is now time to overcome the segregation between technology and nature typical of the mechanical age, to embrace a systemic understanding of architecture. In this prototype the boundaries between the material, spatial and technological dimensions have been carefully articulated to achieve efficiency, resilience and beauty.??

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