New Trend: Seniors Are Buying Tiny Homes To Live Off-Grid In Their Golden Years

Elders are now taking advantage of tiny homes to enjoy independence and lower living costs in their golden years.

Tiny homes are all the rage nowadays, and it’s no wonder. Not only can they be very affordable and comfortable, they offer mobility for those who don’t like being rooted down in one place. Usually an option for twenty- and thirty-somethings, elders are now taking advantage of tiny homes to enjoy independence and lower living costs in their golden years.

Tumbleweeds Houses reports that the latest trend in tiny home living was introduced by older adults who are looking to downsize as they enjoy their retirement years. Retiree Bette Presley, for instance, recently invested in a tiny home at age 72. She minimized her lifestyle, moved into a 166-square-foot Tumbleweed Elm cabin, and hasn’t looked back. Because most tiny homes feature the same amenities as stationary houses, Presley doesn’t feel as if she is sacrificing any comforts. She’s also able to save money, as her off-grid abode is RVIA certified and is equipped with solar panels.

Presley told the San Luis Obispo Tribune,

“We are consumers. We buy too much. We don’t need all our belongings. I just experienced the clutter, to live in excess, and I didn’t find it particularly satisfying.”

Tiny home lover Dani is also enjoying her micro-sized abode. A disabled widow, she purchased a compact Tumbleweed shell cabin after attending a workshop. Since then, she has built a wheelchair-accessible tiny home of her dreams. In addition to a wheelchair ramp that leads to the front door of her home, a custom-made chair lift using a rock climbing harness that lifts her to the sleeping loft has also been installed. Dani is proof a tiny home can be for everyone.

As Inhabitat reports, a woman named Adele is also a fan of simple living. A nature lover who enjoys exploring new sites, her tiny home is travel-ready and features a large outdoor space, a covered porch, and even a hot tub. The interior was customized so extra large windows allow in plenty of sunlight. Now, she has a beautiful place to nature watch and feel at home.

These women and likely many more elders are proving that tiny home living is manageable for even those who may require more care in life.

Image credits: Tumbleweed Houses, Sausage Nonnas and The Tribune

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