New Study: Almost All Ground Beef Is ‘Contaminated With Fecal Matter’

About to throw a burger on the grill? You may want to reconsider...


According to an investigation by Consumer Reports, nearly all ground beef on the market is contaminated by dangerous fecal matter. When investigators gathered 300 packages containing 458 pounds of ground beef from stores in 26 cities, they found that every single one contained fecal contamination.

As relayed in recent years, any meat product can make one sick if not cooked long enough, but beef from cows raised in feedlots is especially dangerous. This is because bovine living in crowded conditions generally have more feces on their skin; this allows bacteria in the fecal matter to get mixed in with the rest of the meat during processing. In addition, bacteria from one cow can mingle with others.

The presence of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” was also discovered in some of the meat. It is interesting to note, grass-fed organic beef had fewer bacteria overall, yet still contained potentially dangerous pathogens.


Say the researchers, while there is no “safe” beef from such contamination, your best is to purchase sustainably-raised beef when possible and always be sure to cook it all the way through (160 F is the recommended cooking temperature).

OR, you could try out one of the many veggie burgers on the Market. They’re reportedly so good, even Google has tried buying out a company for its ‘Impossible’ burger. 

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