New Solar Vertical Skyscraper Design Embraces Rising Sea Levels

The modular, open-air, water-based skyscraper is energy independent.

Source: Luca Curci

A revolutionary new project by the Luca Curci architects studio takes the urban sprawl in a new direction– into the water. The Vertical City is a open-air solar-powered skyscraper, designed not only considering environmental sustainability, but also to inspire a sense of community and connection to nature.

According to the architects, “Starting from the analyses of the contemporary skyscraper, conceived as a compact element, smooth and alienated from the surrounding space, the project has re-interpreted it in an opened structure, equipped with green areas on each level, natural light and ventilation. This new interpretation allows its residents to get into an healthier life-style, in connection with natural elements, re-thinking the traditional concept of community and society.

Source: Luca Curci

The water-based tower represents a new trend in city planning and infrastructure. Cities need new strategies to mitigate the effects of global warming, including inevitable sea-level rise. Not only is the Solar Vertical tower impervious to rising sea levels, but it is designed to be energy independent and harness solar energy for mainland buildings, using the structure’s outer shell of photovoltaic glasses.

Source: Luca Curci

The tower is designed to be 2,460 feet tall, including ten overlapping modular layers and 180 stories in total. The structure will be planted on the ocean floor, and include facilities underwater as well. One of the most important features of the building is its emphasis on naturat lighting and fresh air circulation, with a great portion dedicated to community green spaces, including a rooftop garden.

Solar Vertical tower will host apartments, condos, villas, a luxury hotel, and a collection of facilities and social spaces including a spa, meditation center and fitness park. The tower will be accessible land, water and sea, including a bridge to the mainland, boats for transport and a helicopter landing pad.

Source: Luca Curci

Source: Luca Curci

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