New “Smart” Motorcycle Helmet Gives Riders A View Of Their Surroundings

bikeEarlier this year, a new company set on designing a safer motorcycle helmet was able to raise $2,446,824 by 1,940 people in 2 months on the crowd-funding website Indiegogo.

Not soon after that, the company, SKULLY, was able to raise another $11 million, thanks to investors from Walden Riverwood Ventures and Intel Capital led the round, Formation 8, Techstars, and Western Technology Investments.

The great idea that has everyone so excited is the SKULLY motorcycle helmet, which gives riders a view of their surroundings with screens placed inside the helmet. This saves the rider from looking down to their rear view mirrors and taking their eyes off the road.

?There are a lot of expenses involved in the manufacturing part of it. Funds from this round will help carry SKULLY through its manufacturing milestones and accelerate our technology roadmap,? SKULLY founder and CEO Marcus Weller told Tech Crunch.

It has been reported that the price tag for this device will be anywhere between $1500 and $3000, but many riders are saying that the added safety is worth the cost.

Similar technologies have already taken to the road, as we reported last month,?Samsung recently announced the creation of an innovative ?Safety Truck? that is designed with a giant video display on the back. The video display allows drivers to see what is going on in the area of the road surrounding the truck, so they can pass with caution and confidence, instead of going in blind and making a risky maneuver.

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