New Internet Privacy Guide

coverA new ebook released this week, Online Privacy Made Easy, provides the latest tools, tips, and tactics for evading digital surveillance by the National Security Agency. The book also shows readers how to protect themselves from hackers, identity theft and viruses, but is primarily focused on user-friendly technologies that snooping governments cannot penetrate.

Since cyber security contractor Edward Snowden provided proof of the NSA’s vast spying program, digital privacy has become this generation’s civil rights battle. The PRISM leak exposes the open sharing of private data between Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Skype and the NSA — showing that so much of the government’s power to spy on Americans relies on continued your use of services provided by these mega-corporations. “Most people think there isn’t anything they can do to prevent the NSA from spying on them,” the authors told Activist Post, “Nothing could be further from the truth. Privacy tools have become surprisingly easy to use.” “The government is not all-powerful” says the video for the guide. “They can’t crack all encryption. They can’t corrupt open-source software.

They can’t stop peer-to-peer applications. They can’t even stop illegal drug sales online.” Snowden’s ability to evade the full force of the government spying apparatus is also proof positive that, if you know what you’re doing, you can become anonymous online. Online Privacy Made Easy details tools to secure your computer from viruses and hacks, anonymous browsing, encrypt communications, secure private documents and photos, and to make anonymous financial transactions. A free bonus guide, Cell Phone Privacy Made Easy, provides the best tools to secure your smartphone or tablet. This guide is organized into sections for iOS and Android.

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