New Device Promises To Block Police Stingrays From Spying on You

inserting-into-tunnel1-1024x558As the alternative media has reported extensively in recent weeks, police have been caught using stingray technology to intercept communications during the recent protests against police brutality. This technology has been known about for some time, but it seems that such devices are being used more and more often, especially in protests.

Stingray devices mimic cellphone towers, and can directly tap into all of the information that is transmitted over your phone.

Recently, a device hit the market that promises to protect your phone from such violations, while protecting you from EMF waves at the same time. The device is called Tunnel, and it is a simple cover that the phone can be placed in, only this phone cover is insulated with copper, which traps EMF waves in and prevents any unwanted spying.

According to the website for Tunnel:

Even when you put your phone on standby or switch it off, it still functions in a low-power mode (or “baseband”) and uses EMF.

Malicious hackers have the ability to send commands to your “off” phone, activating your mic or camera to watch everything you’re doing.
And it’s not just malicious hackers that can spy on you. Corrupt agents of the State can also use a gadget called a “Stingray.”

A “Stingray” mimics a cell phone tower, allowing them to gather private information from your phone, listen to your conversations, and track your location without your knowledge.

If you’ve done nothing wrong and you don’t want snoopers sticking their noses in your business, then it’s critical that you take action now. With your Tunnel you can finally act with confidence and stop worrying about who’s keeping tabs on you.

The website goes on to discuss the horrific state of government surveillance in American and around the world, and the need for protection against it. Its good to know that for every step that the government takes against the average person with technology, there are people out there who are using that same technology to our advantage.

Check out Tunnel today at the following LINK.


John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. 

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