New Bike Lighting System Warns Cyclists And Car Drivers Of Potential Collisions

The innovative device gives drivers plenty of time to reassess their distance and slow down. As a result, thousands of accidents will be prevented.

Credit: Michelin

Though bicycling at night may be fun or — at times — a necessity, it’s not the safest way to get around. Thanks to an innovative bike lighting system designed by French tire manufacturer Michelin, however, commuting via bike will soon become much safer, for both cyclists and car drivers.

DesignBoom reports that the Bikesphere is likely to become a vital piece of gear for those who ride their bicycles in the city at night, as it constantly analyzes the area around the cyclist and warns him or her if traffic intensity changes. The device sits neatly between the bike’s handlebars and uses lasers to project a ring of light around the rider. This highlights the safety distance that cars should mind when overtaking a cyclist.

According to Michelin statistics, 1 in 5 drivers doesn’t respect the proper distance, which results in more than 5,000 avoidable accidents every year.

Credit: Michelin

The Bikesphere can even be used during the day and is programmed to only activate the regular headlights to save its battery for nighttime. As soon as the dark does fall, the safety shield lights up around the cyclist.

Credit: Michelin

If a bicyclist uses the device and a car fast approaches, the biosphere will intensify its laser projection to alert both the car’s driver and the cyclist of the risk. The double laser red spotlight is noticeable enough it gives drivers plenty of time to reassess their distance and slow down.

Credit: Michelin

The Bikesphere is part of Michelin’s #TrendyDrivers initiative that seeks to reduce accidents on the road. In the future, the company will open source the system so every cyclist can build their own version of the device. Tips on how others can improve the initial design will also be shared.

Credit: Michelin

Credit: Michelin

Watch the video below to learn more:

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