New App Allows Users To Feed Syrian Children From Anywhere In The World

The ShareTheMeal app can be downloaded for free and allows users to digitally share a meal with Syrian refugees.

Are you dismayed by the Syrian crisis – or all crises, really – and wanting to help out? This app might be the solution you’ve been seeking.

As the Antimedia reports, a new app has recently been launched by the World Food Programme (WFP) to allow smartphone owners the ability to provide valuable sustenance to Syrian refugee children.

An initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the ShareTheMeal app can easily be downloaded and, with a simple tap, allows users to digitally share a meal with Syrian refugees. 

It is estimated that 80 million people are supported by WFP each year. The 100% voluntarily funded organization aims to serve the people, and has one of the lowest administrative costs in the non-profit sector.

“90% of its donations go directly to WFP operations that are building a world with zero hunger,” the agency claims. 

Raising funds to feed children who have fled the war in Syria to seek shelter in Jordan’s refugee camps is listed as one of the top priorities of the WFP. At present, over 630,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan are registered with the U.N. Actual numbers are thought to be much higher.

Another one of the WFP’s goals is to provide school meals to 20,000 Syrian children in Jordan’s refugee camps for a full year, as well as supply them with vital nutrition to help them focus on their studies – not their empty stomachs and fear to do with the world’s many wars. 

With individuals like you assisting the organization’s efforts, the refugees displaced from their homes may be provided both nourishment and hope. 

Those interested in using the app may download ShareTheMeal and choose how much they desire to contribute. One can donate as little as $0.50 (£0.33), which provides a child with enough nutrition for one day.



In emergency situations, $0.50 a day will ensure a child refugee is supplied with highly nutritious foods such as fortified biscuits or other foods that do not require cooking. In more stable circumstances, WFP school meals feature a sweet breakfast with porridge enriched with nutrients. Lunch might be maize with beans or peas.

Every child receives their own portion, which is essential, for this meal is likely to be the most nourishing – if not the onlyfood they receive in one day.

This is one of the ways technology is being used to carry out good and connect inspired people around the world.

The innovative concept can be downloaded for free and allows contributors to follow up on the impact of their donations.

The app is available globally for iOS and Android users here.

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