Nevada Police Beat Man Going Into Diabetic Shock

A man going into insulin shock is mistaken for a drunk driver and kicked onto the ground by police officers.

Adam Greene LV Police Arrest

A man who was going into diabetic shock was physically assaulted by Nevada police officers who mistook him for a drunk driver.

The dash-cam from the Highway Patrol trooper shows they began a chase against a suspected drunk driver.  Once he was able to pull the car over, police officers open his door and begin to kick him, shouting “stop resisting motherf****r, stop resisting!” as he lay on the ground.

An officer can be heard later stating “he was not a small guy, I couldn’t take him by myself” while laughing. Meanwhile, another officer can be heard on the police radio stating “he’s a diabetic, he’s probably in shock, semiconscious”.

Later in the video, the officers find insulin in his pocket and realize he was going through a shock and called for medical attention.

The diabetic was 38-year-old Adam Greene, who then sued the state of Nevada for $158,000 from the city and $35,000 from the state. His wife also received an additional $99,000 from the city.

“I ended up with two broken ribs. I had some cuts and a black eye on my face,” Greene told KTNV. “I was confused, but I wasn’t resisting, and I would think this would be incorrect and inappropriate behavior, whether I was drunk or not drunk”.

But Greene and his family do not hold a grudge against the officer, who is still employed with the city of Nevada, and are happy with the settlement.

“We hold no ill will towards the officers involved or the other police officers in the city, and we support them and we’re ready to move on”, Greene stated.

Watch the video below:

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