Neutrality explained in 60 seconds

A fun little explanation of what Net Neutrality is and what some ISPs are trying to do with it. More about Net Neutrality, the Open Internet and what you can do to save them at :

Net neutrality and open internet is the principle that internet traffic should be treated equally. Its emphasis is on open internet, with all content being treated equally by ISPs.

The net neutrality debate is not a new thing. Proponents define net neutrality as a way to affix internet traffic on need, subjective basis. Contrarily, net neutrality is explained as an unbiased, objective and equal distribution of internet traffic on ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Regardless of what net neutrality means, there has been a great outcry after United States Federal Communications Commission began considering the elimination of the internet neutrality that we have known since the birth of the internet itself.


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