NASA Plans To Test Launch UFO For Future Mars Mission

ufoThis week, it was reported that NASA will be testing a flying saucer off the coast of Hawaii. The flying saucer is called the low-density supersonic decelerator (LDSD), and it was one of the first devices of its kind to be unveiled to the public. However, many have suspected that this sort of technology has been available for years, but hidden from the public.

It has been said that this flying saucer could be used in future Mars missions as well.

“With this LDSD technology we hope to land about five metric tonnes, that will enable more capable robotic missions,” Steve Jurczyk, NASA space technology mission directorate associate administrator said.

The spacecraft will reach an altitude of 180,000 to simulate the atmosphere on Mars.

“We go to that high altitude because it simulates the atmospheric conditions on Mars. Mars has a very thin atmosphere,” Jurczyk said.

The test has been postponed twice, but they are hoping to finally test the spacecraft 1:30 p.m Eastern Time on Thursday.

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