Naomi Klein On Obama´s Keystone XL Pipeline Lies

Only when the last tree is dead will man realize he can´t eat money

A new Democracy Now report interviews author and activist Naomi Klein about the Keystone XL pipeline. Despite Obama promising lower energy prices for Americans, he has continuously played down the environmental impact of this project (which would pump gas from Alberta, Canada to the Texas Gulf coast). The gas would then be exported to countries around the world.

House lawmakers passed legislation Friday to approve the pipeline and the Senate is expected to vote this week on a similar pro-Keystone bill. There is much disinformation about the consequences of approving the project, which would create jobs in the short term. But what about when the building is finished? What will be the long term effects on the environment and indigenous communities who continue to fight the plans?

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Image Credit: Flickr / NoKXL

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