My Life Changed After I Stopped Listening To The Radio [Watch]

Prince Ea explains why turning the radio off while driving profoundly impacted his life.

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Prince Ea is presently one of the most influential spoken word artists on the planet, and that’s because he shares simple yet mind-blowing advice with members of the population in ways everyone can relate to. Additionally, he doesn’t shame individuals into change. Rather, he presents solutions anyone might adopt to live a better life. 

In an underrated video released by the activist, he explains why it’s better to listen to an audiobook while commuting, rather than be distracted by modern pop music on the radio. Prince Ea begins the video by explaining that when Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet, was asked what superpower he’d love to have, the business tycoon responded that he’d prefer to read faster. This is because there’s a direct correlation between knowledge retained and quality of life (as well as income).

Now, the activist is a fan of artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce, but he has an important message to drive home (pun intended). Mainly, if people listen to the radio to relax and cope with stress, when then wouldn’t they invest in resources that will help them do just that but for a longer period of time? Money isn’t everything, but knowledge is the key to expanding one’s consciousness. This, in turn, will allow a free-thinker to break free from societal norms and introduce innovations that might change the planet for the better.

In the three-minute video below, Prince Ea explains why turning off the radio changed his life. Watch it, and you won’t be disappointed…

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