Must Watch: This Is What Happens When Three Cops Gets Stoned

The same creators of "Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time" have released another epic video, this time featuring three cops.



If there’s anything you watch today, let it be this.

Not too long ago a video featuring three grandmas smoking pot for the first time went viral, and now the same creators who produced that sensation are back with something that might even be better. Not only is the following video entertaining, it’s incredibly informative.

All three of these retired officers (whom haven’t smoked since before being an officer) speak about their thoughts on the legalization of marijuana. One even says that while on the force, he never busted anyone for possession of pot. He states that he threw a lot of stashes away in front of those with possession, as he felt that to be a better deterrent for smokers than any criminal proceedings.

As you’ll see below, all three ex-cops seem to have enjoyed their experience. One’s headache even receded after smoking! Unanimously, they all agree they would partake again.


The legalization of cannabis is a hot topic. As Joe Rogan points out, there are many reasons marijuana has not yet been legalized for recreational use in all states, as well as many other countries worldwide.

The legitimacy of its potential health benefits are still being disputed, as certain powers that be are continuing to release propaganda to dissuade the public from legalizing it through fear-based tactics. This is likely because its passing and utilization in various industries would hit pharmaceutical drug companies and unsustainable businesses hard financially.

Credit: The Cut

Credit: The Cut

What is clear is that the public’s perception and acceptance of cannabis is rapidly changing. As these cops have just proven, a larger part of society is beginning to understand how smoking pot is less harmful than many other socially accepted and legal substances like alcohol, and should be taxed and regulated vs the current system of incarceration and fines.

If you have not yet watched the original hit video, “Grandmas Smoke Pot For The First Time,” be sure to check it out HERE.

These videos were part of a full length video released by The Cut.

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