Must Watch: ISIS Militant Says Western Allies Are Friends Of Terror Group

Two key allies of the USA are accused of supplying the Islamic State with everything it needs

An Islamic State fighter captured by Kurdish fighters in November has claimed that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are strong supporters of the terrorist army, sending ISIS everything they need to wage their sick war against civilians in Syria and Iraq.

Several militants were taken by Kurdish forces who liberated Sinjar, Iraq, from the Islamic State last month. ISIS had been in control of this mountain region since last year. The terrorist army had murdered, raped and taken prisoner thousands of Yadizi people, who are considered ‘infidels’ along with anyone else who doesn’t practice ISIS’s warped version of Islam.

After being captured, two militants were interviewed by an Israeli journalist. Their testimonies are eye-opening, to say the least. The men give details about how orders are given, showing no remorse whatsoever for the capture of female slaves or the devastation and terror caused by their actions against the ‘infidels’. One fighter also reveals that Islamic State militants are given drugs (likely methamphetamine) before going into battle, saying the commanders had told them it would ‘block the fear’.

There are also specific revelations relating to Saudi Arabia and Turkey, two key allies of the Western coalition forces. We recently reported on a growing body of evidence that Turkey supports the Islamic State by supplying their weapons and buying their oil, but one of the captured men claims that Turkey’s support for ISIS runs much deeper: the country even sends doctors to be used by the Islamic State. When asked about his opinion on Saudi Arabia, the terrorist’s response is the same. It also supplies the Islamic State with everything it needs, he claims, asking his interviewer:

“Why wouldn’t we like them?”

Are Turkey and Saudi Arabia are alone in this plot, or are other members and friends of the Western coalition playing double agent in the carnage sweeping across the region? That remains unclear, but one thing seems certain: You can’t rely on the corporate press to tell you the truth about ISIS and the oil wars.

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