Muslim Community Raises $110,000 To Donate To San Bernardino Families

Over $110,000 has been raised by American Muslims to help families of the San Bernardino, California shooting victims.

Credit: Muslims United

Credit: Muslims United

Presidential candidate Donald Trump may be promoting Islamophobia every time he opens his mouth, but Muslim communities around the world – and especially in the United States – are not letting this deter how they live their lives or assist those in need.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that tens of thousands of dollars are being donated by American Muslims to help families of the San Bernardino, California shooting victims.

Said Faisal Qazi, who set up a fundraising campaign after the man and woman responsible for the senseless killing of strangers turned out to be Islamic radicals (even though multiple witnesses are adamant three tall, white males are responsible):

“We wish to respond to evil with good, as our faith instructs us, and send a powerful message of compassion through action.” 

The campaign, “Muslims United for San Bernardino Families” quickly surpassed its goal and has raised more than $110,000 since December 3rd!

It is now the hottest trending page on Launch Good, a Muslim-focused crowdfunding site.

Qazi first wanted the funds to help families with short-term expenses, including funeral arrangements, but now hopes the money exceeding the goal can also assist with long-term costs.

Once word spread of the campaign, it jumped $58,000 in one day! No doubt, with 21 days left to fundraise, more will be raised.

Tarek El-Messidi, CelebrateMercy Founding Director, added his thoughts to the campaign:

“The Prophet Muhammad said that even a person of little faith will remove a harmful object from the road. Contrast that with extremists like ISIS who are blowing up roads and killing civilians. This united American Muslim campaign aims to reclaim our faith from extremists by responding to evil with good, by rebuilding what they destroy. We know that no amount of money will bring back loved ones of the victims’ families, but we hope that it at least alleviates some financial burdens in the wake of this horrible tragedy.”

All the money raised with be given to MiNDS (Medical Network Devoted to Service), a community development center in Southern California that has set up a Victims Fund for families of the shooting victims.

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