Muslim Bus Passengers Risk Death To Save Christians From Jihadists

When a bus in Kenya was ambushed by an Islamic terrorist group, brave Muslims stepped in to save the lives of Christian passengers.

In a beautiful display of great courage and solidarity, Muslim victims of a terrorist act in Kenya put their lives on the line to protect Christian strangers from Islamic militants.

Last Monday, passengers on a bus traveling through Kenya‘s Mandera State were ambushed by terrorists from Al-Shabaab, who were looking for Christians to kill. Al-Shabaab is a Somalian militant group with ties to Al Qaeda, who frequently conduct violent acts against Christians in Somalia and neighboring Kenya.

Traveling through Kenya’s notorious border region, the bus carrying 100 passengers was hit by bullets. Gunmen shot two people dead and ordered the remaining passengers to disembark, telling Muslims that only they would be allowed to live.

The bus attacked by militants last Monday

The bus attacked by militants last Monday

But brave Muslims refused to give up their 12 Christian brothers and sisters to the militants, choosing instead to hide women’s identities by giving them headscarves. Then, while forced to line up on the roadside, a man risked his life by lying to Al-Shabaab that all the bus passengers were Islamic.

“If you want to kill us, then kill us,” he told them defiantly. “There are no Christians here.”

Faced with such a strong show of unity, the terrorists fled. Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Nkaissery, tells CNN in the video report above:

“We are all Kenyans. We are not separated by religion. We are one country, we are one nation.”

This is a perfect example of love triumphing over hate, even in the most terrifying of circumstances.

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