Mozilla rallies for opposition against secret Internet treaty

Add another name to the list of critics concerned with attempts to rewrite the International Telecommunication Union to give governments control of the Internet: Silicon Valley’s Mozilla now officially opposes the ITU.

Mozilla, the makers of the highly successful Firefox Web browser for Macs, PCs and smart phones, have come out to condemn a top-secret meeting in Dubai this week that could lead to changes with how the world is wired to the Internet.

The details of the closed-door discussions being held between members of the United Nation’s World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) this week in the United Arab Emirates remains a secret, and that’s exactly why Mozilla is speaking up. In a plea posted on, the developers write, “The issue isn’t whether our governments, the UN or even the ITU should play a role in shaping the Web. The problem is that they are trying to do it behind closed doors, in secret, without us.”

“The Web lets us speak out, share and connect around the things that matter. It creates new opportunities, holds governments to account, breaks through barriers and makes cats famous. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s because the Web belongs to all of us,” insists Mozilla. “We all get a say in how it’s built.”

Now in order to raise awareness of what the WCIT can do by rewriting the ITU, Mozilla has released an “Engagement Kit” in order to get people around the globe talking about what could happen to the Web without their input ever being considered.

“Mozilla has made it our mission to keep the power of the web in people’s hands,” the developers say.

Mozilla now joins a list of major Internet names opposed to the ITU talks, which in recent days has added both Vint Cerf and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, two computer scientists widely regarded as instrumental figures as far as getting the world online goes.

Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, spoke openly against the ITU just recently while attending the WCIT, warning that rewriting the international treaty to put Internet regulation in the hands of government is not just unnecessary, but would cause a “disruptive threat to the stability” of the Internet as we know it.

“A lot of concerns I’ve heard from people have been that, in fact, countries that want to be able to block the Internet and give people within their country a ‘secure’ view of what’s out there would use a treaty at the ITU as a mechanism to do that, and force other countries to fall into line with the blockages that they wanted to put in place,” Berners-Lee said.

Leaked documents from the WCIT meeting suggest that shot-callers from across the globe have floated the idea of adopting a new standard for the Internet that will implement deep packet inspection, or DPI, essentially allowing all traffic sent across the Web to be reviewed by a governing body.

“It’ll be the biggest power grab in the UN’s history, as well as a perversion of its power,” blogger Arthur Herman wrote of the proposal.

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6 Responses to "Mozilla rallies for opposition against secret Internet treaty"

  1. Andrew  December 12, 2012 at 9:03 am

    The powers at be are trying to limit our freedom to communicate so they can further push their political agendas, ability to extract taxes, and the ability to sensor content they find damaging. There’s a sort of revolution afoot with all the occupy movements, and this is just a way to control and prevent. Anyone willing to bet that some Mozilla employees go “missing” after speaking out?

  2. John Baron  December 12, 2012 at 9:40 am


  3. Smokeghost  December 12, 2012 at 11:53 am

    No. Lets stop evolution until the artificial economy, it’s signatories and public relations/ propaganda people have taken full control over it. It’s amazing what people in numbers can achieve. This privilege to authoritarians is completely unnecessary and politically backward.

  4. sarapimpicka  December 19, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    1984 is coming, around 30 years late but it’s coming.

  5. Devious  December 19, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    That’s way appropriate in more than one way.
    its not the end of the world should they do this, the whole internet is gona need changing an their efforts will be totally in vane by the time they can reap the benefits of it. the greedy one are well behind the times.

  6. Bill  December 23, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    The guys and gals up at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) are the real Rulers of the USA. People like the Rockefellers, Bush and Clinton families, Media bosses like Turner and Murdoch, The Bankers and,Union bosses control both sides of Politics. They select the ‘leaders’ on both ‘sides’ and instruct them to carry out the phony wrestling match over Secondary issues.
    However, they MUST advance the CFR’s Primary goal of COLLECTIVISM ie. stripping the people of freedom and power and destroying (gradually) the Nation State. Eventually vesting all power to the United Nations and THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

    eg. Republicans want war in the Middle East and to give more power to the UN
    Democrats want peace in the Middle East and to give more power to the UN.

    Republicans want to end freedom of speech to combat ‘Terrorism’..
    Democrats want to end freedom of speech to combat ‘Hate Speech’.

    Their bosses just want a transfer of power to the UN and an end of freedom of speech.

    The ‘Corporatists’ (Fascists) in the West, have the same goal as the ‘Socialists’/’Leninists’ (Communists) in the East. Despotic Rule and the end of Freedom.

    Their ideology is identical. Their only dispute is over who will control the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    They are all Psychopaths.

    Oh by the way. All you dedicated ‘Global Warming’ organisation dupes are funded by your ‘Enemies’, Big Oil etc. Partly, through that good old CFR/Bilderberg member George Soros.

    Bet you all thought good old George was a ‘Socialist’, eh?

    Same process takes place in Britain, Australia, Canada etc, Europe and elsewhere, through the other Real Ruling bodies, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Bilderberg, Club of Rome etc.

    They scarcely bother to hide it these days, they are so arrogant.
    They think the battle is just about over.

    The only thing that can stop them now is an informed and enraged People.



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