Mother Rat Battles Snake To Save Her Baby – And Wins [Watch]

A mother rat was relentless in her quest to rescue her baby from a snake.

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There may be nothing as powerful as the love a mother has for her child. This seems especially evident after reviewing the footage of a mother rat attacking a snake who was trying to slither off with her offspring.

The video below, which was captured by a woman named Rojas Montecinos Envy, shows a hectic fight between the two species. Envy wrote on her Facebook page:

“Today while I was returning home, I witnessed this amazing act of love from a mother.?

The mother rat didn?t think twice about attacking the serpent. She was quick to pounce on his tail and bite the snake.?Her persistent efforts paid off. After a few tense seconds, the snake released the baby from its jaws and took off.

The large rat then moved to the gray spot which was her baby, picked it up, and took off. It?s hard not to feel relief for the rat family after watching the momentous rescue.

The Dodo was curious if the baby rat was okay, therefore, asked an expert to review the footage. David A. Steen, an assistant research professor at Auburn University Museum of Natural History, relayed his thoughts:

“There isn’t enough information about where the video was taken and/or close enough images for me to identify the snake with much confidence. However! Venomous snakes like pit vipers generally strike and then let their prey wander off and die. That’s not what’s happening here.?

The full clip follows:

Hoy mientras estava de regreso a casa se nos presento este sorprendente ACTO DE AMOR de una madre hacia su pequenito , fue un momento de angustia y tanta emocion , LES DEJO LO QUE ALCANSE A GRABAR ???? ? Oggi mentre stavo rientrando a casa, ho assistitoa questo sorprendente ATTO DI AMORE di una mamma nei confronti del suo figlio, e stato momento di angoscia e tanta emozione, VI LASCIO QUELLO CHE SONO RIUSCITA A FILMARE ?????

Posted by Evelyn Montecinos on Sunday, June 26, 2016

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