Mother And Kids Combat Anti-Homeless Spikes With Pillows And Food [Watch]

A mother and her two sons left pillows, sandwiches, and a welcoming sign over anti-homeless spikes that were later removed within 48 hours.

Credit: Manchester Evening News

After noticing an installment of anti-homeless spikes in front of the Pall Mall Court in Manchester, England, a mother and her two children decided to do something about the unwelcoming site. In many cities, the spikes are used to deter those who live on the streets from residing in front of business places and frequently visited public spaces.

To combat the unsightly scene, Jennie Platt and her 11 and 10-year-old sons, George and Sam, went into Primark and came out with loads of cushions and food. In addition to covering the harmful spikes with pillows, they left sandwiches and a cardboard sign that read: “Take a seat and have a bite to eat.”

Their activism had a profound effect. Reportedly, the spikes were removed 48 hours after they had been installed due to public outcry. The trio’s efforts helped ensure that the spikes didn’t go unnoticed. Platt told Manchester Evening News that she had seen a story about the ‘homeless spikes’ and was inspired to do something about the public installation before visiting the mall on Sunday.

“I thought it was really mean and a Scroogey thing to do, it is really unnecessary,” she said. “It’s a spot where people can keep warm and sheltered, people don’t need to be that mean.”

Credit: Manchester Evening News

“A few people were watching us and wondering what the heck we were doing, but there was quite a few homeless people who saw it and said they were going to come back there later,” Platt added. “It’s not doing anyone any harm them being there.”

City center spokesperson Pat Karney condemned the spikes and said they would collaborate with the building’s managers to help remedy the homeless crisis in a less callous and more productive way.

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