Morgan Stanley Banker Tips Delivery Person $1.75 (7%) During Massive Blizzard

snowA delivery person from New York recently wrote the New York Post sharing her experience of working during this week’s historic blizzard.

Melkorka Licea was using a bicycle to deliver food to customers during the snow storm and unfortunately, she was thoroughly disrespected by some very upscale clients. In one incident, she was given a pathetic 7% tip by a Morgan Stanley banker which amounted to $1.75.

Licea explained her encounter in an article in the Post, saying:

A grueling 10 minutes later I arrived at my destination; the storied investment bank’s world headquarters on Broadway and 48th.

I called up the customer. “I’ll be right down,” he said.

I dismounted the bicycle, tore off my goggles and tried to shake off the icicles matting my hair before entering the skyscraper’s marble lobby.

The customer kept me waiting for eight long minutes — about the same amount of time it took for my harrowing journey through the storm.

“Is it cold out there?” he asked me, while signing the bill on my iPhone.

“Is the sky blue?” I wanted to reply.

He handed the phone back and told me to “be careful” and walked away.

The bill was $25.53 total. He had tipped me $1.75.

That’s less than 7 percent.

Obviously, the banker was not only visibly rude but also entirely inconsiderate of what Licea had to go through to deliver his food. Snow is not a standard condition, and it should be recognized by delivery customers that their delivery drivers are risking their health and many times their vehicles to bring you food for very low pay. On days like this, delivery drivers should see tips that far exceed 20%, especially on small orders.

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