More Teenagers Dead In Ft. Myers Club Shooting

2 teenagers dead and at least 16 injured in Ft. Myers teen club shooting.


2 people are dead and 15 more injured in a teen nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida last night.

Club Blu hosted a dry swimsuit Glow Party for teenagers from ages 12-17. At around 12:30 am on July 25th , the kids were being picked up by their parents when the shooting occurred. 16 people were treated in the trauma center. One person died in the hospital, the other at the scene, and another two are in critical condition.

Two suspects have been detained off of Ortiz Avenue, Ft. Myers Police Department Captain Jim Mulligan stated, and all weapons used have been recovered. He also stated that ?the numbers are sort of fluctuating. We have multiple hospitals calling in. We?re trying to confirm; 15 to 17 [victims]. We do have two confirmed dead?.

Club Blu released a statement stating their deepest apologies for the incident. They believed they were creating a safe environment for young teenagers to socialize, and the shooting occurred outside of their control.

Ft. Myers police are still determining what the motive may have been, and are unsure if it was terror related.


Florida gun laws are incredibly lenient.? Currently, you do not need a permit or a license to own a gun, nor do you need to register any gun purchased. According to the NRA website, Florida has a ?right to carry? law, with only a partial ban on allowing guns in public restaurants and spaces.

Guns are often sold privately over Craigslist or social media websites, and shift between owners with no permit or registration required. Florida also has incredibly lenient laws when it comes to shooting in public spaces.? Currently any firing of a gun in a public area, such as in a densely-populated neighborhood or public place, is only a misdemeanor.

In the case of defending your life or property, or those approved for hunting, Florida citizens have open rights to discharge their guns.

Gun laws in Florida came under fire during the Orlando massacre that saw the loss of 49 people. Though this is another shooting that Florida has seen within months of each other, under current majority Republican leadership, the laws are unlikely to change.

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