Monsanto VS Oregon & Colorado

World´s worst corp threatens states that want to ban GMOs

Monsanto has spent millions fighting proposals to start labeling GMO products in Oregon and Colorado, the first two states to consider forcing corporations to give consumers a basic right to choose natural food. This interview with Sheldon Krimsky (editor of The GMO Deception) explores who stands to gain from this battle between common sense and big business.

The myths surrounding the labeling of GMO food are peddled by the huge corporations who would suffer, Krimsky points out. Different labeling laws in each state would compromise efficiency and therefore profit, so they use what he calls “fear tactics” to bully us into leaving things as they are. It´s not true, for example, that food labeling would cause a rise in food prices. As Krimsky points out in this interview, a voluntary system to advise consumers when milk has come from cows pumped with bovine growth hormone hasn´t made any difference to the market so far.

He also talks about Monsanto´s influence over agricultural policy, and wonders why the FDA regulates herbal medicine but it doesn´t regulate plants injected with foreign genes that haven´t been tested for long-term human consumption. Well worth sharing if anyone you know is still undecided about GMOs and the benefits of a cross-country labeling law which would allow us to choose what we put in our own bodies.

Image Credit: Flickr / thierry ehrmann

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