Mom Creates Fun And Unique Gender Reveal Photoshoot For Her 20-Year-Old Son Whose Photos Have Given Others So Much Hope


In the last couple of years, gender reveal parties have become the new baby shower of parents, inviting all their friends and family to partake in the excitement of finding out whether their child is a boy or girl. Here’s a unique way of throwing a gender reveal party with a twist, seeing that the mother is celebrating the gender of her baby… who is already 20 years old.

Heather Lundberg Green, just like any proud mother reintroduces her transgender son, Adrian Brown, to the world with a uniquely original gender reveal photoshoot filled with blue balloons. Brown came out to his mother and brother as a transgender man last September, which gave his mother the brilliant idea of sharing the good news with their family in a fun and original way on his 20th birthday on January 29.


Without wanting to deal with having to repeat the same conversation over and over again; the family from Louisville, Kentucky had a fun and heartwarming photo shoot with a smiling Brown swaddled in a blanket that said “it’s a boy!” Everybody reached out give their congratulations and thank you’s for celebrating such a milestone in someone’s life.

“When your child comes out as trans, the best thing to do is create a photoshoot to celebrate the fact that he silently and bravely stepped out of the race that he never wanted to be in, found his own lane and proceeded to win,” Green wrote in a Facebook post.


The American Academy of Pediatrics released a study in 2018 about the higher rate of suicidal behaviour transgender adolescents go through, more especially those transitioning from male to female.

“From a parent’s perspective, there’s almost a feeling of loss when a child comes out, even the parents that support it. You kind of go through a mourning process of letting go of, for me, this sweet little girl that I raised, while accepting his journey and his truth.”
Because of Green’s heartwarming acceptance of the gender change of her son, they have received tons of messages from transgender people and their families to thank them for showing hope and love to the whole world.


“There’s been transgender people saying they were on the verge of suicide, and seeing the love and support we received has renewed their faith in humanity that people are beginning to accept and celebrate their community,” Green said. “Those messages break my heart and lift it up at the same time.”


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