MIT Dropout Founds College Invested In Students? Aspirations And Career Success

Make School is a new two-year ?college replacement? program for aspiring app developers and entrepreneurs.

Disgruntled by the confines of higher education and the rising costs of tuition, MIT dropout Jeremy Rossmann decided to create his own college in San Francisco. His aim, reports Good, is to challenge the traditional model of education by developing a unique space specifically for founders and developers, with real-world training and incentives.

Introducing, Make School.

Make School doesn?t take tuition up front?but encourages students to instead focus solely on creating new developments. It then takes a percentage of their future salaries?for the first two years after graduating.

In this way, the success of the school is directly tied to students? future employment – which kind of makes sense, right?

With absolutely no grades, no tests, or tuition, the school?s model, no doubt, seems incredibly attractive to the Millennial generation.

Don?t be fooled, however. Make?s acceptance rate is 10%, making it more competitive than Duke or Harvard.

We?ll let you decide if the risk is worth it by watching the video above.

There are a lot of problems with traditional academia in the United States, but is Rossmann?s solution the answer??

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