Michelle Obama Lectures About The Evils of “Money in Politics” While Begging for Donations

During a recent fundraising speech, Michelle Obama preached about the evils of "money in politics", just before asking for a "big fat check" from her donors.

Michelle_ObamaBy John Vibes,

True Activist.

Speaking at a party fundraiser in Chicago last Thursday, Michelle Obama ironically spoke about the evils of financial influence in politics.  Unfortunately, the irony was lost on many of the spectators when Mrs. Obama asked for a “big fat check” from the potential donors.

“So, yeah, there’s too much money in politics. There’s special interests that have too much influence. But they had all that money and all that influence back in 2008 and 2012 and we still won those elections,” she said.

Then in the very next breath, Mrs. Obama asked people to put their money into the political system.

“There is something you can do right now today to make a difference, and that is to write a big, fat check. I kid you not,” she said. “I’m going to be honest with you. That’s what we need you to do right now. We need you to write the biggest, fattest check that you can possibly write.”

“Writing those checks is the single most impactful thing you can do right now. When you dig deep, when you max out, that translates into staff hired and offices opened and ads running where they need to run.  You need to dig deep and you need to get everyone you know out to vote this November,” she added.

Even if no one ended up donating, the event was still a successful money maker for the Obama administration.  Tickets for the event started at $500 per person and went up to as much as $10,000 and $20,000 per couple.

For some reason, Michelle Obama begging for “the biggest fattest check you can possibly write“, reminds me of the old Genesis video “Jesus he knows me”, where Phil Collins plays a corrupt televangelist who promises his viewers salvation if they provide him with $18 million.


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