McDonald’s Employee Jumps Out Of Window To Save Cop’s Life [Watch]

A McDonald's employee is being credited with saving a police officer's life thanks to his quick-thinking.

It seemed to be an ordinary Tuesday work day for McDonald’s employee Pedro Viloria, but that soon changed when he noticed the signs of trouble in a customer. The worker stationed at the drive-thru window in Florida was gathering a patron’s order when he noticed that she was having trouble breathing.

As the woman fell unconscious, her foot slipped off of the car’s brake and the vehicle began rolling away. As children were in the backseat and the woman was clearly unconscious, Pedro didn’t hesitate before jumping through the window and chasing after the vehicle.

The quick-thinker was able to bring the SUV to a halt and check the woman’s pulse before dashing inside and calling for help. A customer rushed outside to perform CPR while Pedro and others waited for paramedics to arrive.

As it turns out, the woman was an off-duty police officer and was temporarily revived to stable condition with a defibrillator before being transported to a hospital. As GoodNewsNetwork shares, no news has yet been released on her condition. However, without Pedro’s intervention, she may not have made it at all.

Watch the extraordinary footage below:

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