Mark Ruffalo: Bernie Sanders Would ?Mop The Floor’ With Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders just received a mighty endorsement from actor Mark Ruffalo.

We report on Mark Ruffalo quite a lot. Not because he?s a terrific actor, but because he?s a stand-out guy who has spoken multiple times about issues that matter, such as Monsanto and fracking.

Now, Ruffalo is using his platform of fame to share his opinion on the presidential debate ? And it?s kind of awesome.

During Sunday night?s Democratic debate, the 48-year-old actor couldn?t contain his enthusiasm for the Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.?

He told MSNBC:

?He was charming, he was direct, he felt fresh in his answers. I just felt a lot of heart from him. He awoke something in me, and it was his ideas, and it?s his decency, and it?s his record, frankly.?

?This guy is exactly who he?s always been, he?s always been fighting for the little guy, and today that just happens to be the very person we need.?

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?There?s an authenticity about him and about his history and about his career as a politician that speaks to me,? he said.

He also added that he thought Sanders would ?mop the floor? with Donald Trump.

?There?s no doubt in my mind he could beat Donald Trump if he goes up against him.?

The truth hurts, Donald Drumpf.

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