Manufacturers Refusing To Sell Hungary Razor Wire For Their Anti-Refugee Fences

prison-fence-218456_640The Hungarian government has come under global criticism in recent months for their harsh treatment of refugees, as some of the worst scenes of mistreatment in the crisis have been reported along its borders. To prevent people from crossing their borders, the Hungarian government is attempting to build massive fences fitted with razor wire and patrolled by armed guards. In response to the actions of the Hungarian government, some businesses are refusing to do business with them under the grounds that their products would be used to hurt people.

One company that produces razor wire actually turned down a contract with the Hungarian government that would have brought them over a half-million Euros in revenue.?Talat Deger, owner of the Berlin-based company?Mutanox said that he turned down the deal because he didn’t want to have his razor wire being used on Syrian refugees.

“Hungary is misusing the nato wire. Mr. Orban takes it in stride that people could hurt or even die from it. (Razor) wire is designed to prevent criminal acts, like an intrusion, from taking place. Fleeing children and adults are not criminals,” he said.

Deger also said that his employees all approved of his decision to turn down the contract.

Another company, also from Germany, that wished to remain anonymous, told Sputnik News that they also turned down the contract.

The CEO of the company reportedly said, ?Children, caught in the wire, is?a disgrace.?

Unfortunately, there are still many other companies lining up to sell the Hungarian government their razor wire, but if this tactic becomes more widespread it could potentially block governments from obtaining the materials that they need to wage war on the general population.

As we have been reporting in recent weeks, the refugee situation in Europe has been met with both uplifting and disappointing reactions. Germany has been extremely open and generous to the refugees while other places are more resistant. We reported earlier this week that Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire and philanthropist, has decided to ?be the change? and help remedy the Syrian refugee crisis by purchasing an island in the Mediterranean to provide a new home to those displaced by the civil war.

Many of the anti-immigration commenters who have been against allowing the refugees to move from their war-torn homes, have claimed that Syrian migrants would be a drain on the economy and would eat up the benefits and welfare that Europeans receive. However, this is not true, many of the migrants are skilled and willing workers who don?t want any handouts, they just want to work and own their own property in place that is relatively peaceful and safe to raise children.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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