Man Who Lost 154 Pounds Claims Whole-Foods Diet Was Key

Kerry Hoffman claims a whole-foods, unprocessed diet with plenty of exercise helped him shed 154 pounds.

By: Amanda Froelich,

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The weight loss industry pulls in more than $20 billion dollars each year because it offers ‘quick-fix’ solutions which appeal to the majority of consumers Therefore it’s the rare individual who is willing to adopt lifestyle changes to reduce their weight, even though this is the route that boasts most long-term success. It also seems to have been the key for Kerry Hoffman’s mega weight loss.

The six-foot one-inch tall man used to weight 343 pounds, but after deciding to change his life holistically, leaned down to 189 pounds. Kerry used to frequently indulge in processed and unhealthy foods. “I ate anything that tasted good – wings, pizza, stuffed burgers, tons of sweets and desserts,” he told HuffPost.

But not long after his father’s death from a lifestyle-related disease, his daughter was born; both were wake-up calls to Hoffman that he needed to get serious about his health.

Now 32-years-od, Kerry has lost 154 pounds, frequently engages in triathlons and cycling competitions, and is frequently sought out by others seeking to lose weight as well.

The most important achievement, however, is that Kerry’s health now reflects the external benefits he gained through determination and dietary change. The first doctor’s visit after he adopted his new way of living, Hoffman recalls the doctor announcing, “You have officially cured your Diabetes.” In addition, he was taken off of other medications for cholesterol and blood pressure.

Credit: Harrison Journal

Credit: Harrison Journal

Sharing with HuffPost his holistic success, Kerry said that in addition to incorporating fitness into his daily routine, he began eliminating junk food from his diet, which he still avoids today. “ I eat mainly whole foods. I stay away from processed stuff as much as possible,” he said. “I never ate vegetables or salad before, and now two helpings of salad with homemade dressing is a staple every evening, as well as a fresh veggie.”

As most know, losing excess weight is one of the best things every individual can do for their health. Excess pounds can stress the body’s joints, lower one’s energy, and increase one’s odds of contracting modern-day illnesses.

Therefore putting in the effort to implement healthy lifelong habits is worth it. Studies show that weight loss achieved at any age has long-term cardiovascular benefits, suggesting no matter what one’s age, their health can be improved.

Credit: Kerry Hoffman

Credit: Kerry Hoffman

If you’re ready to follow Hoffman’s example and positively benefit your own life, begin by including more plant-rich, high-fiber, and unprocessed foods. Great options are smoothies, salads, and healthy snacks. As adding becomes more of a habit, begin to decrease harmful fast foods and processed snacks. Slowly tweak and work your diet to be plant-based and whole-foods, and you’ll experience beneficial changes in no time!

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