Man Previously Living In The Streets Now Owns A Company That Hires The Homeless


Drew Goodall, an actor that has been seen in blockbuster films in the early 2000’s thought he was made for success when he appeared alongside superstars like Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant in their movies. The London-based actor appeared in hit films such as Snatch and About A Boy. 

Despite his previous rising momentum, Goodall quickly realized that gaining success in Hollywood can be a real struggle, and soon after participating in these movies, his life quickly spiralled out of control when he wasn’t getting any more jobs in the cut-throat film industry. 

“I didn’t want to face my parents. When I left home I was the big hope. I couldn’t face the ignominy of having to go back with my tail between my legs.” said Goodall.

By 2001, Goodall was officially living in the streets of London and begging for food from anyone that would be kind enough to give something. His luck changed when one of the people who would regularly help him suggested that he start shining shoes to earn some income. Taking the advice of this kind stranger, the actor used all the money he had from begging to buy all the supplies he needed to start his own shoe-shining business. He positioned himself in the middle of the city’s financial district, offering his services to shine shoes of all the businessmen walking by. 


Starting his business without being licensed, one of Goodall’s regulars offered to help him set up his own company within 6 months of opening his new business venture. When he was officially in a prime location, he began to expand his shoe-shining business to other locations such as corporate buildings and banks and hired other people who were also homeless and disadvantaged, such as he was, to man the other locations. 

Achieving great success with his new business model, Goodall now has eight employees with a yearly revenue of approximately $330,000 (£250,000).  Apart from hiring only the homeless and in need, a portion of his earnings is also given to charity. Since 2012, Goodall estimated that his business has helped around 40 people to get out of poverty and further improve their daily lives.

“To date we have given in excess of 20,000 pounds ($26,000),” said Goodall.


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