Man Hears Barking Beneath Newly-Patched Sidewalk And Rescues Dog Buried Alive

She had a surprise for her rescuers, too.

Credit: Vadim Rustam/YouTube

When a sinkhole demolished a sidewalk inside a housing complex, city workers were called to come patch up the bricks to prevent any injuries, as the section was at the foot of a set of stairs. In doing so, however, they wound up putting several non-human lives in danger and refused to remedy their mistake.

Vadim Rustam and his family, who live in the complex in Voronezh, Russia, heard the barking as soon as the new bricks had been laid and asked that the housing authority do something to free the trapped dog. The housing authority refused, though it was the city workers they called in that caused the issue in the first place.

Credit: Vadim Rustam/YouTube

Whether the dog’s entombment was an accident or an act of indifference, the fact that they denied any responsibility for freeing the dog afterwards is cruel in itself. When it became clear two days later that no officials would come to the aid of the dog, Rustam literally took matters into his own hands and started working on the bricks.

Using a hammer and his hands, he loosened several bricks at the base of the cement stairs and dug up sand that lay underneath. It only took him a few minutes to pry the bricks from the floor and remove a huge rock blocking a cavity underneath the stairs, which is where they had heard the barking for two straight days.

Credit: Vadim Rustam/YouTube

Right after he removed the large rock, a large female dog showed her head through the hole and her rescuers were relieved to see her still alive. With a few more handfuls of sand, the large dog was gently pulled from the cavity where she had remained for two straight days with no food or water in the dark while continuously exerting enough energy to bark.

Seeing this resilient dog live through this trauma wasn’t the only surprise she had for her rescuers, however. After she was checked out by a local rescue group called “Right To Life,” it was determined that she was pregnant. This explains why she remained so strong throughout her time under the stairs because she knew she had to do everything she could to keep her babies safe. Rustam?s wife explained,

“My husband removed one stone and saw the face of a dog. He started to slowly pull out the dog as she is pregnant. After rescuing the dog, we recovered the hole so there is no threat to people.?

Credit: Right To Life

Rustam and his family visited the dog, now named Belka, several days later and she was very happy to see them.

Watch the bold rescue below.

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