Man Found Inside Stomach Of A Python After He Was Swallowed Whole


It would seem that our nightmares about getting eaten by sharks, or eaten by lions, and apparently eaten by snakes, have reason. Just ask Akbar Salubiro, an Indonesian man whose lifeless body was found inside a 7-meter-long python. That’s practically 23 feet or 275 inches long. In short, that’s an immensely huge snake!

But sadly, Akbar won’t be able to answer you, because he never made it out of the snake alive.

West Sulawesi, Indonesia


West Sulawesi is a province in Indonesia that has a population of around 1.2 million people. Many of the residents of that region are farmers who harvest palm oil. Indonesia is also known to be home to over 450 different species of snakes. And one of them is the reticulated python.

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