Man Finds Injured Baby Squirrel On Sidewalk, You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!

A baby squirrel fell four stories and was abandoned by its mother. Luckily, this activist witnessed the incident...


Credit: tintin_the_squirrel

Humanity might be responsible for the majority of the chaos which takes place on planet Earth, but that doesn’t mean the entire species should be dismissed. After all, it’s humans like Decan Anderson who can be thanked for saving a helpless squirrel when it fell four stories behind his apartment building in Denmark.

According to the animal lover’s blog, the red squirrel was only 4 weeks old when it was found. Having been abandoned by its mother, the squirrel – affectionally named Tin Tin – would have died from the chest wounds it sustained during the fall. That’s why Anderson adopted him.

Using his son’s socks, Decan made a makeshift t-shirt for the squirrel so it wouldn’t scratch the chest wound. Eventually, Tin Tin healed. Now, he and Anderson are inseparable.

Thankfully, authorities have looked the other way when it comes to keeping a squirrel as a pet, as anyone can see how much the two love each other. Anderson and Tin Tin go everywhere together – sometimes even for walks in the park.

The popular duo has an impressive following of 35k people. Some of the account’s photos follow: 

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