Man Buys Store’s Entire Supply Of Dog Food, Donates It To Animal Shelters

A Canadian man purchased - then donated - 570 bags of dog food and cans because “it was the normal thing to do.”



The last time you walked past a store going out of business, what were your thoughts? Did you contemplate purchasing its goods and generously donating the loot to people – or animals – in need? If so, you’d be in good company with animal lover and philanthropist Sean Squires.

According to The Telegram, the Avondale resident heard a Petculture store in St. John’s was going out of business, he therefore decided to purchase the store’s entire inventory and donate it to animals in need. For $3,000 – rather than $13,000 – Squires bought 570 bags and cans of food. He then dispersed it to various animal shelters.

The employees of the store were thrilled to ring up the purchase, as the store’s insurance company prevented it from donating the food to shelters directly. If he wouldn’t have purchased the dog kibble for $10,000 off retail price, it would have been dumped into landfills.

One store employee told the press:

“$3,000 to drop on food just to donate — not many people can do that. I’m sure many people wish they could.”

Squires developed a heart to help animals when he lived in Qatar for 10 years. Reportedly, there are a lot of stray animals in need, and people there help them all the time. In fact, he was surprised to receive a call about the generous deed. When asked why he bought all the food, he replied:

Because I could, and the animals needed it, basically. I thought it was the normal thing to do.



“To be honest, I couldn’t not do it. I honestly couldn’t. Because it’s something like $10,000 off the food, and the shelters, they must be dying for that,” he added.

The compassionate Canadian citizen has plenty of mouths to feed in his own home, as well. He rescued three cats off the streets in Doha, but now cares for nine cats in total after one had a litter of kittens.

“I’m not even a cat person, to be honest, but they’re really beautiful, so you can’t not help them.”

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