Man Asks Lioness Cub For A Hug? What Happens Next Is Astounding! [Watch]

Without hesitation, this rescued lioness cub flops onto her favorite human and wraps her limbs around him.


Everyone has been blessed with unique gifts, but it can be a difficult process determining how to use those talents to better the planet. For Eduardo Serio, a Mexican-born business man, the path to fulfilling his purpose unexpectedly found him.

According to The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, a non-profit he founded which is based in Mexico, Serio was on business in Monterrey, Mexico when he received a call from his cousin who is an animal expert with 25+ years of experience. Reportedly, a pet store was looking to buy a baby Black Jaguar with the purpose of drugging it and having it pose for photographs as a source of income.

With little hesitation, Serio knew he needed to step up and help all of the big cats who have been abused by circuses, zoos, and independent breeders, therefore, founded The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. It?s been three years since it was established, and in that time, over 240 big cats, including jaguars, tigers, leopards, lynxes, lions, pumas, and even dogs, have been rescued.

The organization writes on its Facebook page:

?We are a Foundation that thinks outside the box, we will never breed our rescued Animals if we are not going to be able to re-introduce them into their natural habitat. So based on this idea, since they were born and currently live in captivity, we have found out that the more Animals living together in one group, the happier they are, regardless of the species. So we have Prides that go from three individuals up to sixteen, and certain groups have members of different species that Love and respect each other.?

The love and respect Serio has for the cats – which he refers to as his children – is evident in all of the photos and videos that have been uploaded by the organization. And, of course, his talent of being able to relate and play with the giant felines couldn?t be more evident than in the video below.

Serio is playing with the lioness cub when he asks for a hug. Without a second thought, the young cat flops into his arms and wraps her limbs around him. To this lioness, Serio is her best human friend.


Credit: The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation


Credit: The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation

If you?d like to learn more about the organization and the good work Serio is involved in, please visit The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation?s Facebook page.

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