Mama Bear Surprises Tourists By Taking Cubs To The Beach [Watch]

Footage of a mama bear and her cubs playing in Lake Tahoe has gone viral because of its unbearable cuteness.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Temperatures have been 100+ degrees F in California lately, which is why residents and tourists have been flocking to Lake Tahoe in troves. Of course, animals want to stay cool this summer, too, which is why a mama bear and her two cubs ignored the crowd and splashed around in the lake, as well! You can imagine peoples’ surprise…

Pallas Buckley, who captured the video of the spectacle, said that everyone in the vicinity and even those in the water maintained their distance from the bears and respected their space. The resident says it’s the first time she’s ever spotted bears on the beach.

The adorable video of the family was uploaded only a few days ago but has since gone viral. When you watch the trio enjoy the water, you’ll understand why.

Remember: While the video is unbearably cute (pun intended), it’s always best to keep one’s distance from large wild animals.

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