Mall In Turkey Opens Its Doors To Stray Dogs During Winter Storm

A mall in Istanbul, Turkey, opened its doors to stray dogs over the weekend to help them escape a winter storm.

Credit: CNN

A heavy snow might have fallen in Istanbul over the weekend, but stray dogs weren?t adversely affected thanks to a shopping mall that ushered in the pups to keep warm. CNN reports that Turkish volunteers at the Atrium Mall offered the homeless dogs both food and warm blankets during the storm.

Photos and video footage show the dogs happily tucked into cozy nests outside of stores in the mall, some surrounded by kibble.

Credit: CNN

According to volunteer Hayvansever Ece Ocal, it?s difficult to see the homeless pups, but each of the good samaritans is willing to do what they can to help. She told the press:

?All of us, if we help as much as we can, can make sure that stray animals are taken care of.?

Credit: CNN

The story has already blown up on Turkish media, according to Imgur user Balikadam who uploaded the photos to the internet.

Reportedly, many of the blankets the dogs snuggled into were donated by local residents. Everyone, it seems, wanted to ensure the canines were protected from the frigid weather.

Credit: CNN

This story is similar to one which went viral last year. In Greece, restaurants were allowing stray dogs to sleep indoors to protect them from the elements. Read more about there here.

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