Maggots Found In KFC Meals Around The World

Disgusting worms have been found inside fast food in India, China, The USA and Australia

This week, news of a Chinese woman who found maggots in her KFC meal hit the headlines. But as sickening as this discovery was, the growing trend of unwanted creepy crawlies in your fast food meals is not as rare as you might think.

A woman known only as Liu was disgusted after recently buying a KFC meal for herself and her children in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. She immediately contacted Chinese media, who came to film the white worms wriggling around inside the meat. When she and the film crew went to complain to the fast food outlet, they made her even angrier-  by offering to give her a replacement meal.

As vile as this is,  it´s actually not that uncommon. The shocking and gross discovery of worms inside KFC meals has happened this year in India, Australia, and the USA. Last year in Britain ORGANS- yes, organs- were found inside a chicken wing.

In July this year there was a huge scandal over a Chinese supplier for McDonalds, Burger King and KFC selling expired chicken and beef overseas.  Fast food chains in the States (along with other western countries)  import most of their meat from- yes, you guessed it-  China. The sad fact is, you have no idea what you are eating; let´s face it, we don´t even have any guarantee it´s the correct animal.

If all of this doesn´t convince you to ditch fast food chicken,  here is what McDonald´s nuggets look like under a microscope. Pass the sick bucket, someone.

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