Lyft Driver’s Explanation For Why He Won’t Drive Drunk Girls Home Is Going Viral

The Lyft driver shares an important message about rape culture in the modern world.

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Most taxi drivers would only refuse to transport a drunk girl home if they were concerned she might throw up in the car. A man named Tro’juan Henderson, however, has other reasons for denying rides to single women who are intoxicated.

Recently, the Lyft driver in Dallas, Texas, voiced his concern about rape culture in the U.S. and the need for women to look out for each other in a world where many men, unfortunately, still don’t hold themselves accountable for their actions.

Henderson recalled a recent event in which two women asked him to transport their very intoxicated friend home. He refused for a few reasons, but primarily because of the unknown. For instance, she could wake up and have a potentially traumatic experience by not knowing where she was. He also believes it is important women stick together in situations such as that one and care for their friends like they would like to be cared for. 

“Women, when you’re out, […] please take these safety precautions to protect your friends,” stated Henderson.

Not long after posting his announcement to Twitter, the video was retweeted over 11k times and liked by more than 14k people.

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